GIRFEC Champion

One of the competition winners, Dionne, recently gave a presentation to East Lothian Council Children’s Services GIRFEC team about her part in creating this website. Here’s her account of the day…

On the 29th of July I was absolutely delighted to have been invited to a Children’s Services Meeting to do a small presentation about the work I’ve been involved in and to talk a bit about the meaningful guide for young people about GIRFEC. The total number of people that attended was approximately 25 to 30 people including managers, which really did show just how interested they all were.

At first I was a bit nervous but once I got the presentation started I felt a lot more confident. I explained about the competition and how the opportunity came about and some of the staff said that they thought it was really good that young people were getting involved and learning more about GIRFEC. I spoke a bit about my written entry and the main message I wanted to get across which is that “No child or young person should feel ashamed to ask for help when they need it and that it’s ok to ask for support.” They agreed that this was a very important message that should be put across to all children and young people. Even the most loving and caring families will sometimes need a bit of extra support during difficult times. We will all require some help and support at some points in our lives and that’s ok. Some people see it as the main focus being on supporting families that are most vulnerable but the thing is you never really know when any child or young person that’s from the most happiest backgrounds may need a bit of extra support.

They were overall impressed by the meaningful guide to GIRFEC for young people and were very pleased that this piece of work was a success. One of the staff members explained about how impressed she was at how well we had understood GIRFEC as for some people it can be quite difficult at first. But all staff who attended gave very positive feedback about the guide and thought it was fantastic.

I was then awarded with a certificate and a card to say congratulations on my achievement. I am now known as the East Lothian GIRFEC Champion and they are hoping that I continue the work regarding GIRFEC and able to educate other young people about it. This opportunity I was given was really good and it was really nice to be able to share such a positive achievement.